Sonic Journeys

Don’t have an iPhone?  Take your BrainBaths with any iPod or media player.

These 30 minute sonic journeys are filled with prestine natural environments, and woven with sonic frequencies that gently shift your brainwaves toward deep Alpha and Theta zones. Journey to health and well being.
Perfect for the serious brain bather or novice alike. 

Available soon as digital downloads.




Have trouble sleeping? Leave your worries behind and let go into this sonic immersion as it lulls you into deep, blisssful sleep. Happy dreams.




A perfect meditation companion, this blissful BrainBath will help guide you toward deep relaxation and peace. Experience inner stillness and rejuvination that follows. Tune in.



Deeper Still

Another companion on your inner path, this sonic journey gently guides you into the blissful deep Alpha states. A resonance for all levels of experience.


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