BrainBaths’ 3D Sound environments are created using a specialized recording technique that reproduces the way we humans hear.  Much of this has to do with how sounds interact with the little flaps on your ears.  When played back through stereo earphones, your brain perceives the sounds as though they surround you… like a sonic hologram!

Next we add some magic elixir:  BrainWaves, also known as Binaural Beats. From peaceful sleep and meditation to enhanced learning and energized focus, these tones contain specific frequencies that gently entrain your brain into deeper states of awareness.

Combining 3D Sound environments with Binaural Beats has a uniquely powerful effect on the area of your brain that perceives dimension through sound, while shifting your brain’s activity into deeper states of relaxation and awareness.


Easy to use!

First, choose a BrainBath from our specially crafted collection and press the triangle play button.  We’ve prepared an assortment of revitalizing and rejuvenating sonic immersions for a variety of healthful results. 
Deep relaxation... enhanced focus... increased alertness... pure entertainment...


- Brainbath
- Blow Dry
- Breezy Chimes
- Bubblebath
- By the Road
- Campfire by the Creek
- Crickets
- Dock of the Bay
- Fan Ambience
- Fireworks
- Green Pastures
- Jungle
- Lapping Lake
- Laughter
- Lift Off
- Mountain Brook
- Mountain Rapids
- Mountain River
- Mountain Stream


- Peaceful Rain
- Rain in Meadow
- Rainforest Dawn
- Rainy Day
- Rainy Porch
- Rolling Thunder
- Sailing
- Spring Meadow
- Summer Rain
- Swamp
- Walk in the Park
- Waterfall
- Waves
- Waves and Seagulls
- Wetland Loons
- Whale Calls
- Windy Trees
- Your Ovation

Next, select your BrainWave from our specially crafted collection … each designed to gently entrain your brain into deeper states of awareness, focus and relaxation. Adjust the binaural volume until the tone is barely audible within the sound environment.



- Brain Latte
- Blissful Sleep
- Clear Insights
- Creativity
- Deep Meditation
- Deeper Meditation
- Headache Soother
- Peaceful Sleep
- Relaxation
- Superlearning
- Tension Melter


Need a quick mental pick-me-up or help falling to sleep?  You can SET THE TIMER to automatically turn off your BrainBath or play gentle wind chimes at the end of your session.

So relax and let yourself go… for a quick dip or a luxurious soak… enjoy!


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